Federico Cattaruzza, born in London 1963,
studied Visual Communications at I.T.S.O.S. Institute, Milan.

1984 - 2009
Long standing post at the prestigious Grazia Neri photo agency. Sales manager responsible for distribution and all aspects of production for international photographers to the most important publishers and news groups in Italy.

2010 - 2015
Collaboratively set up the new LUZ Photo Agency.

Currently sole agent for a group of talented photographers.

These artists possess high levels of expertise and diverse ranges of interpretive styles.
Their images stand out in today's diverse global market. They give visual representation
to narratives, philosophies, beliefs and accomplishments.

Their photographs give life to:
Newspapers and Magazines, Cultural Institutions, Companies, Advertising
Exhibitions and Events

We provides the following services:
Image Archives - Reportage - Photographic and Video Productions

Phone: +39 334.930.50.44

Where to meet
Matter Represents,
Via Pergolesi, 18 - 20124 Milano

Sole agent for a group of talented photographers

Phone: +39 334.930.50.44
Address: Via Pergolesi, 18 - 20124 Milano
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